Have you had Trouble Selling?

We have been fortunate enough to have had opportunities to be able to help homeowners in difficult situations. Many times, sellers will work with Realtors to sell their house for market value, and it will end up not selling, becoming a failed or expired listing. On other occasions we have experienced sellers with no equity on their property and thus listing the house was not an option, as they would have had to come out of pocket to sell.

Unfortunate Circumstances in Real Estate

We all go through unfortunate circumstances every now and again. In real estate, we may face stressful situations with our properties when life events happen like divorce, death of a loved one, job loss, and disability. During these times, homeowners need support, they do not need to be taken advantage of. Home Zolutions has helped … Continued

Where and What Do We Buy?

Many real estate investors and buyers do not buy in bad areas. Some refuse to purchase or invest in houses that are burned down, condemned, have code violations, need large repairs, hoarders, have structural issues, or are just plain ugly. Home Zolutions does not care how bad the area is or how ugly the house … Continued