Unfortunate Circumstances in Real Estate

Home Zolutions - Unfortunate Circumstances in Real Estate

We all go through unfortunate circumstances every now and again. In real estate, we may face stressful situations with our properties when life events happen like divorce, death of a loved one, job loss, and disability. During these times, homeowners need support, they do not need to be taken advantage of. Home Zolutions has helped numerous property owners navigate these taxing times in a polite, caring, and respectful manner. On many occasions’ owners did not want to ultimately sell their property and some did not have to. We take the time to understand everyone’s unique situation and we advise accordingly to their circumstances, needs, and desires.

We also work with sellers who are down on their luck and face economic troubles like being behind on payments, inheriting an unwanted house, having bad tenants, owing taxes, liens, having a bad mortgage like a reverse mortgage or an adjustable rate, bankruptcy, judgements, and pre-foreclosure. Again, during these troubling times, owners need support from a knowledgeable company who can help, not one who looks to take advantage of them and their situation. There are many shark companies and investors in the real estate industry. They will seek people in these situations and offer ridiculously low amounts of cash in exchange for their property as they are in desperate situations. Do not get haggled to the ground.

Home Zolutions is a veteran owned business with core values: respect, selfless service, honesty, and five-star customer service. We do not take advantage of homeowners in their misfortune. We do not try to hit a home-run off any one deal, we instead hit singles consistently. Win-win situations like this is how we believe business should be conducted and it is what you can expect when working with us. Not all buyers are the same, work with someone that cares.

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